As a kid, Moriches Bay was my playground.  My parents didn't have a boat, but at the end of our street we had a park where we could throw down a towel, sunbathe and go fishing.  My siblings and I spent many summer afternoons racing hermit crabs and lowering chicken legs over the dock to catch blue claws.  Depending on the tide, we could walk around the point to search for sea glass, driftwood, broken lures and other treasures washed ashore. The bay was a safe place where we could spend time outside, off the couch, and away from the TV.  I didn't know it at the time, but it was also a place that informed much of my design aesthetic; bright color offset with grainy palettes of tan and gray, paired to create a look that's both seamless and timeless.  In my adulthood, Moriches Bay continues to inspire. Living and working on the water has been the education of a lifetime.  The range of color and expression is vast, and something I want to help protect for generations to come.  This is why for 2017, I've decided to partner with The Moriches Bay Project, an aquatic restoration program whose mission is to improve the overall quality of Moriches Bay.  Over the years, I've watched overflow from septic tanks and excessive use of fertilizer create algae blooms that chronically choke out marine life and turn our water from blue to brown.  In my lifetime, I've witnessed a thriving ecosystem dwindle as a result of neglect and carelessness.  Access to clean water should not be a luxury.  This is why I've created the R.E.D. Tide Wrap, a simple, tie-on bracelet to bring awareness and funding to what's happening in our own backyards.  Each wrap comes affixed to a card with a portrait of a local waterway--and the best part is, the sale of just one of these bracelets seeds 10 oysters in Moriches Bay.  These oysters not only work to reestablish our dwindling shellfish populations, but also filter the bay and help control the deadly algae blooms.  R.E.D. is a small business with a big passion for clean water.  Help us help the Moriches Bay Project and together we can make a difference.