Jane CoCo Cowles and I met on the Town Hall Green in Fairfield, CT one June a handful of years ago when she stopped by my booth to customize a bracelet. Her soft-spoken manner coupled with a trademark, knowing gaze caught my attention immediately.  I watched as she spent time picking her pieces, thumbing through charms and stones letting the right combination come together.  At the time she was in the midst of change, having left her law firm and apartment in New York City to start a new chapter upstate.  Over the years, I’ve witnessed Jane manifest that new life with the same, gentle intensity she used to create her bracelet. Now, she is a writer, artist and consultant.  She helps others turn their creative visions into realities while continuing to produce her own work, which, this year alone could be seen in a number of art exhibitions in the tristate area.  To view more of her art and/or inquire about commissioned pieces, be sure to visit her website.  Till then, enjoy our latest Q and A with Jane Coco Cowles.

What’s your first memory of being crafty? 

My mother hand quilted pillows. I remember going through her sewing box and piecing through all the different colored fabrics and patterns and trying to intricately stitch them together as she did. 

What’s your process? How do you create?

I am a lover of words. Often times, an idea comes in the form of a word or a phrase and I capture it in the form of an illustration. I do a lot of illustration on a MacBook Pro. I like to sit in my kitchen with my dachshund Pico and create. 

What do you want people to know about being an artist and running your own business?

Being an entrepreneur is bittersweet. You get to create a style of your own yet you are sharing the most intimate parts of your creative being with the world. 

Where can we find more of your products?

You can find my illustrations at Gena Lisa Lingerie in Nyack, NY or you can purchase them through or request commissions through my website, www.janecococowles.com

Where do you find inspiration/who has been inspirational to you/what sorts of things influence your work?

The human form, nature and classic fashion influence my style; think Audrey Hepburn, Chanel and Adolie Day. My style is classic, sweet and petite. 

What are you working on for 2016?

I am also a freelance writer. I have some writing projects in the pipeline and I am working with the village of Nyack, NY as their Communications Coordinator.  My latest illustrations are for a friend who is a yoga instructor. 

Thanks, Jane! Best of luck to you.

Thank you.