Center Moriches: January 5th - 8th

When I'm not running my business, I'm working as a part-time writer at a creative firm in New York City--at least I am now.  This was my first week on the job.  Lucky for me, it was also the coldest so far this winter.  All over the country, people braved the chilly temps--or did their best to avoid them.  

However, with all the grumblings about how terrible it is outside (including my own--business attire stands no chance against subzero weather) Moriches Bay has never been more gorgeous. The crisp air has rendered the sky clearer than glass, allowing the bay to capture every color that paints the surrounding landscape.  The moon is white like chalk and out during the day, beckoning the water far out into the ocean.  It was like a treasure trove was unearthed for Luca and I today as we crunched along the exposed underbelly of the bay.  The seagulls cheered and plucked apart stranded crabs, clams and other creatures helpless to the retreating tide.  At one point this afternoon, an actual iceberg floated into frame and I watched as it made its way out to the inlet.  

Weeks like these get the locals talking about "that one winter in the 60s" when Moriches Bay froze over from here to Fire Island.  My landlord said he walked all the way to the center, ice pick in-hand, just in case he broke through.  Even better, my neighbors recount the daredevil who drove his VW Bug out onto the frozen surface.  He made it all the way to the center when, with a thunder-like crack, the ice broke and his car fell through.  Unable to open the doors, they said he cranked and crawled out the driver's side window.  Seemingly unfazed, he walked back to shore.  Legend has it, the Bug sat out there till the bay thawed and it sunk to its eventual grave.

I hope I get to see the water freeze over in my time here.  I can't think of anything more wonderful than the opportunity to play hockey on a frozen, endless bay.  They way I see it  is, if it's going to be cold, it might as well be cold enough to skate outside. Here's hoping it stays chilly through the weekend.  In the meantime, enjoy these shots from this week.