Center Moriches: January 16 - 24

The first snowfall of 2015 reminded me of styrofoam; little tight snowy rounds amidst the usual fluffy white stuff.  It stuck to everything for a day or so before melting away.  Icy erratics gathered on shore and Luca explored each one with curiousity, as perplexed as I about their appearance.  Once the weather warmed, the water filled the bay again and brought with it a host of surprises, including a gull with a broken wing and a seal.  

Despite my best attempts, the gull wouldn't let me near it; every time I got close, it hobbled out into the water.  Same with the seal.  He caught my attention initially because he was jumping in and out of the surf the way a dolphin would.  I grabbed my camera but before I could take a picture, he disappeared.  I saw him again once more, his head peering over the surface like a hippo.  

As the latest storm moves in, my mind drifts to them both.  I wonder where they will wait it out, and how the gull with fair with a broken wing.  As for me, the firewood and cupboards are stacked.  

Stay safe and enjoy the pictures from last week.